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Comments from participants Nov 2010

‘Just waGroup at the African Treehousented to say a huge thank you for the course and the opportunity of being with the white lions. I was so fascinated by the course and the connections you have made with the colour and astrology and the enormous amount of work you have invested in it. Your ability to make those connections and originality is really awesome and I wish you every possible success with it.’
- Julie Greensmith, Johannesburg

‘It’s been two days and unlike some getaways I think I still feel the effect of the amazing weekend we had. I hope it doesn’t go away soon…
I want to thank you for putting together this weekend; I met so many amazing people and I truly felt like I belonged. I hope to see you all soon, (before I get withdrawal symptoms ha-ha!)
Alison you are truly an amazing person, please keep me on your mailing list for anything and everything.’
- Lorna Coleman, Johannesburggroup1

‘Thank you again for including me in the course. The info was really interesting, and I’m sure the salts will be most beneficial to my patients.
I’m at a loss for words regarding the Lions. Just one of those things that words cannot adequately express. It was ROARSOME!’
- ML, Cape Town

‘Thanks for the lovely time spent all together, it was awesome!!!’
- MC, Cape Town

‘It was just wonderful. We have been remembering and talking about the lions every day since we got back…’
- IJ, Cape Town

Belgian ladies‘My life has changed forever… I wouldn’t have missed this trip/pilgrimage. As for the time, it seemed like a ‘long’ time!! I do so look forward to a more extended time with you and others next time. Thank you for all you do!!’
‘I continue to live in a lion’s world. Don’t know exactly what’s happening to me but it ain’t the same!! Can’t seem to disconnect from there.’
- Elizabeth de Jonge, Belgium

‘Waw… what an experience and indescribable feelings the visit to Timbavati was… The White Lions have changed me forever!!! So extraordinary!!’
- Mirjam Nafri, Belgium 

‘The lions are also on my mind. I don’t think it is possible to see them and not be affected. As for those who shoot them, I can only think that they are desperately sad people who have lost their souls.’
- Cathy Eden, Cape TownEvening meal

‘K and I are chomping at the bit to our next course with you! Do you have any idea on dates yet please?’
- SR, United Kingdom

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for the brilliant Tissue Salt course! I really find the salts fascinating and you have so much information locked away in your head, I am in awe!  I could listen to you talk about them for ages and never get bored!  I am really excited at the thought of coming back in May and learning even more about the salts, especially in the wonderful environment of the White Lions!  My husband is going to come with me next time.
- KO, United Kingdom