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A very special Tissue Salts Intensive with the White Lions

Tissue Salts and the Light Body

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in tissue salts, discovering the Biochemic System of Dr Schuessler in relation to the cycle of nature and consciousness through the keys of colour and astrology; working with individual natal charts to discover how to use tissue salts to strengthen the constitution.

This is an unique opportunity to participate in an authentic environmental and cultural conservation project that is not open to the general public.

In Support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust

Timbavati Course

A minimum donation p/p sharing per day made via AllisOne.
A single supplement is applicable.


  • Accommodation
  • All meals - excludes alcohol; the WLT is not licensed
  • Dawn and dusk visits to the White Lions with the scientific monitoring team
  • Tissue Salts Workshop with Alison Effting
  • Guiding and talks with Linda Tucker
  • Transfers to and from Hoedspruit airport

All Golden and White Lion images used in this article are © Copyright
The Global White Lion Protection Trust.

Tissue Salts and the Light Body

Who should attend

  • Individuals - to gain more understanding for your own use or in your family.
  • Practitioners and therapists - all modalities welcome whether allopathic, homoeopathic or complementary.
  • Astrologers, Aura-Soma colour and other energy practitioners.
  • Health store and pharmacy staff.

Your body is not simply a machine that wears out and needs parts replaced from time to time. It possesses a natural intelligence that moves towards self-maintenance if given the right tools with which to do it. This intensive course is designed to stimulate your insight into what your body is communicating, developing the bodymind connection, and how to address its needs.

  • The Biochemic System of Dr Schuessler
  • Relationship to Homoeopathic and Allopathic treatments
  • Facial Analysis: recognizing the signals of ageing and mineral imbalance
  • Physical signals of depletion: prediagnosed conditions
  • The human energy system and the bodymind
  • Ways of determining what the bodymind is asking for....
  • When we feel off-colour: Exploring the colour and astrophysiological correspondences
  • Harmonizing the bodymind with nature - the cyles of the Sun and Moon
  • This is an ASIACT(UK) accredited course.

Please note

  • We will be accommodated in the heart of the White Lion territory. Due to the dynamic nature of the environment and depending on the course progression, times and events may be changed and these should serve as a guideline to the activities of the day.
  • On occasion, a group on a morning drive witnesses an experience that is too good to leave and chooses to return late to the workshop venue, in which case the workshop will continue in their absence. A comprehensive workbook will be provided.
  • The nature of this journey with the White Lions is experiential and although you may bring your camera along to photograph events at the workshop or other animals on the land, the White Lions and the Golden Girls may not be photographed or recorded in any manner without the express written permission of Linda Tucker. The White Lions share their shamanic energy and this is distracted and disturbed by recording activities.

General Itinerary

Pride of White Lions


If you are flying to Timbavati, you will be met at Hoedspruit airport at 1:35pm - the later flight arriving from Johannesburg (departing Jhb 12h20) and driven to Camp Unicorn in the Tsau Conservancy.

If you are driving to Timbavati, please meet at the Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport at 14h00.

Driving Directions

From the JG Strijdom tunnel, travel to Hoedspruit (Maruleng) on the R527 and at the second 4-way stop turn right onto the R40 towards Klaserie/Bushbuckridge. Travel for 6.6km and turn left towards the Eastgate (Hoedspruit) airport and Timbavati Private Nature reserve.
From Nelspruit, travel along the R40 towards Hoedspruit and turn right towards the Eastgate airport and Timbavati Private Nature reserve.

14h00: We depart for Tsau, where you can settle your luggage into your room at Camp Unicorn and meet for high tea.
15:45 - 17h00: Introductory session with Linda and Alison to prepare you for this special workshop and journey with the sacred White Lions of the Timbavati.
17h00 - 17:15: The group will receive a protocol briefing and accompany the scientific monitoring team, headed by Lion ecologist Jason Turner, on a sunset tracking expedition to locate the one of two prides recently reintroduced to their natural homeland of the Timbavati.
19h30: On our return we will meet up again at Camp Unicorn for fireside chat and dinner.After dinner, Linda and Jason will screen the recent National Geographic documentary detailing their quest to save and reintroduce the white lions of the Timbavati.

Golden lioness

Next Three Days
06h00 - 08:45: We may accompany the scientific monitoring team again to see the lions in the early morning light.
09h00 - 09h45: Breakfast
10h00 - 17h00: The Tissue Salts workshop begins and continues throughout the day with breaks for teas and lunch. To conclude the afternoon session, Linda will conduct a White Lion meditation for the group.
17h15: After the day's workshop activity we will again have the opportunity to accompany the scientific monitoring team to track, observe and be with the lions.
19h30: Dinner after the drive, and time out to share or have an early night.Young male White Lion

There may be some time during these days to visit the eco-village built by and for the staff of the WLT followed by a river walk along the Klaserie River.

06h00 - 08:45: Farewell visit to the magnificent White Lions.
09h00 - 09h45: Breakfast.
10h00 - 11h30: Easy morning packing our bags at Camp Unicorn.
Depart for Hoedspruit airport in time for the flights.

Comments from participants Nov 2010

‘Just waGroup at the African Treehousented to say a huge thank you for the course and the opportunity of being with the white lions. I was so fascinated by the course and the connections you have made with the colour and astrology and the enormous amount of work you have invested in it. Your ability to make those connections and originality is really awesome and I wish you every possible success with it.’
- Julie Greensmith, Johannesburg

‘It’s been two days and unlike some getaways I think I still feel the effect of the amazing weekend we had. I hope it doesn’t go away soon…
I want to thank you for putting together this weekend; I met so many amazing people and I truly felt like I belonged. I hope to see you all soon, (before I get withdrawal symptoms ha-ha!)
Alison you are truly an amazing person, please keep me on your mailing list for anything and everything.’
- Lorna Coleman, Johannesburggroup1

‘Thank you again for including me in the course. The info was really interesting, and I’m sure the salts will be most beneficial to my patients.
I’m at a loss for words regarding the Lions. Just one of those things that words cannot adequately express. It was ROARSOME!’
- ML, Cape Town

‘Thanks for the lovely time spent all together, it was awesome!!!’
- MC, Cape Town

‘It was just wonderful. We have been remembering and talking about the lions every day since we got back…’
- IJ, Cape Town

Belgian ladies‘My life has changed forever… I wouldn’t have missed this trip/pilgrimage. As for the time, it seemed like a ‘long’ time!! I do so look forward to a more extended time with you and others next time. Thank you for all you do!!’
‘I continue to live in a lion’s world. Don’t know exactly what’s happening to me but it ain’t the same!! Can’t seem to disconnect from there.’
- Elizabeth de Jonge, Belgium

‘Waw… what an experience and indescribable feelings the visit to Timbavati was… The White Lions have changed me forever!!! So extraordinary!!’
- Mirjam Nafri, Belgium 

‘The lions are also on my mind. I don’t think it is possible to see them and not be affected. As for those who shoot them, I can only think that they are desperately sad people who have lost their souls.’
- Cathy Eden, Cape TownEvening meal

‘K and I are chomping at the bit to our next course with you! Do you have any idea on dates yet please?’
- SR, United Kingdom

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for the brilliant Tissue Salt course! I really find the salts fascinating and you have so much information locked away in your head, I am in awe!  I could listen to you talk about them for ages and never get bored!  I am really excited at the thought of coming back in May and learning even more about the salts, especially in the wonderful environment of the White Lions!  My husband is going to come with me next time.
- KO, United Kingdom

Course Testimonials

Dear Alison,
I want to express my appreciation for attending your course. The whole experience has been one of upliftment and clarification. Your teaching abilities were astonishing, and all the little anecdotes you included just made for easy absorption of facts.
Sincerely and with love

- Enid Paskin

Alison's Tissue Salts Intensive course was very inspiring and contained a breadth of information and experience to assimilate. I have also been able to put this additional knowledge to very good use in my practice.

- Sarah Anne Barker

I attended Alison's Bio-Chemic Tissue Salts Course in Alice Springs, having been fascinated by the unfolding of the Colour filled Astrology Chart I had seen parts of in different places around the world as Alison has taught her excellent course.
The course content was immensely rich, and Alison's teaching style relaxed and friendly, while offering deep and extremely meaningful insights into the links between Astrology, ancient Mythology, Colour and The Tissue Salts themselves. Being able to use the Tissue Salts as we proceeded led to a highly inspiring and healing journey.
I have continued to explore the possibilities of the Tissue Salts, and they have become an extemely supportive resource in my own journey.
I would highly recommend the course to anyone.

- Val Anderson

I cannot recommend Alison Effting's Tissue Salt Course highly enough. In the ten years that I have been working with Aura-Soma, I have taken many courses to expand on my knowledge, and, the one course that sticks out in my mind as the most informative, exciting, mind-expanding, and useable is the Biochemic Tissue Salts Course. I travelled to Spain to the Aura-Soma Congress, uncertain about the Biochemic tissue salts and how to use them, however, I came away confident in my ability to not only use them for my family and myself but to advise my clients which ones they needed using their 4 bottle selection. It truly is an inspiring course which empowers everyone to use the salts for their health and wellbeing.

- Karen Oliver