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Level 4 Thesis


The prerequisite is completion of the previous three levels of the Training.


Level 4 can be compared to a module of a correspondence course, with your work being assigned to a trained Examiner who will carefully read and respond to it. The aim of Level 4 is to stimulate the Student to explore and deepen their own understanding of Aura-Soma and the wider field of colour. Level 4 also provides an opportunity to review the way that a Practitioner is working with clients in Consultations and for the Practitioner to receive feedback and support where appropriate. Finally Level 4 also intends for the Practitioner to develop further skills and knowledge supportive to their work with the public.


To achieve these three aims Level 4 comprises three components.


The thesis is composed of two parts and comprises approximately 10 000 words in all. The first part will answer a series of set questions on various subjects, some Aura-Soma specific, others on the wider field of colour. The second part will be an original piece of work on a subject chosen by the Student which will then be related to Aura-Soma.

Consultation Records

The second component of the Level 4 work is the submission of 60 Consultation records. These will be reviewed by the Examiner as a means of monitoring Consultation practice. Each record will be of one Consultation involving a personal meeting between the Practitioner and the client. It is important that some of the Consultation records submitted are of follow up Consultations for returning clients. The Academy honours client confidentiality. Any identifying information on records must be removed before they are submitted to the Examiner. The Academy does not need to know the identity of the featured clients although you as the Practitioner will be expected to have some means of relating anonymous records to actual clients.

40 hours further study

The completion of forty hours of training in a prescribed subject is the third component. At present there are two options for Students. You may either complete a course in Anatomy and Physiology or one in Consultation skills.

For either subject the course must involve a minimum of forty hours of study. The course must also be acceptable to the Academy. Generally this means that the course is recognised by either the national educational or medical body of your country, or by another complementary medical body of your country. If you are uncertain as to whether a course will be acceptable or not please contact the Academy. A copy of a certificate from the school or teacher who has presented the course will be requested by the Academy as evidence of completion of this component of Level 4.

Once you have completed all three components of this level then you should inform the Academy by letter and enclose a cheque for the accompanying marking fee made payable to the A.S. International Academy of Colour Technologies. The Academy will assign you an Examiner to whom you may send your work for reading and response.

The Academy Recognition

The Student whose Level 4 submission is passed by an Examiner will receive a Level 4 certificate from the Academy. If the Student currently holds a Practising Certificate they will receive the Practising Certificate Level 4. If the Student does not yet hold a Practising Certificate they may apply for one at this point.

As with all Practising Certificates the Practising Certificate Level 4 needs to be renewed annually.

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