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AllisOne Academy

Enlighten and Empower Yourself

Aura-Soma™ Colour Training courses have been taught since 1983 and have become a colour phenomenon that has encircled the world. The Aura-Soma Training offers comprehensive colour training that provides the student with tremendous knowledge about the language and uses of colour, and also invites the student into a process of personal healing transformation as they interact with the living energies of colour and awaken to the beauty and potential within themselves.

Students should feel under no pressure to work with the public.  There is no requirement or expectation that a Student will become a Practitioner offering consultations to the public or develop at a pace faster than they feel comfortable with.  It is perfectly acceptable for Students to participate in the Training purely for themselves with no intention of offering it to others at all.

The ASIACT(UK) Faculty has been responsible for developing the Aura-Soma Practitioner training, training teachers to present these courses around the world, developing course materials and teaching aids, as well as ensuring that high standards and the quality of students experience are maintained. The Faculty is also engaged in developing links with further accrediting bodies.

Alison Effting is an accredited Aura-Soma Teacher offering the Aura-Soma Training courses in Cape Town and elsewhere within South Africa by arrangement. Alison also offers the Colour-Astro Biochemic Tissue Salt course locally and internationally – a course that is suitable for anyone interested in Tissue Salts, Colour or Astrology.

Practitioner Training

Aura-Soma Practitioner Training offers a comprehensive programme of courses, refined over the last 25 years. These courses teach about colour and consciousness. They also introduce you to the Aura-Soma Colour System, its philosophy and how to work with it, both for yourself and others.

Training may be approached as a vocational one leading to the qualification of being a fully trained Aura-Soma Practitioner. The Training also offers the opportunity for personal enrichment as you open to the healing and transformational energies of colour.

Four Levels of Training

There are four levels within the Practitioner training. The first three levels each involve 36 hours of attendance spread over a minimum of 6 days with an ASIACT accredited Aura-Soma teacher. These courses are named respectively:

  • Level 1 Foundation
  • Level 2 Intermediate
  • Level 3 Advanced
  • Level 4 Thesis

Students will receive course materials and workbooks as part of the training when they are available in the student’s native language.
After completing these three levels you may go on to Level 4. This is a self study module to be done in your own time. Completion of each level of the training leads to the issue of a Certificate of Attendance from ASIACT.

Becoming a Practitioner

You may become an Aura-Soma Practitioner at any point after you have completed the first two levels of the Practitioner Training* provided you agree to observe the standards and practices set out in the Aura-Soma Practitioner Guide. Practitioners receive a Practising Certificate and are listed on ASIACT’s Practitioner Register.

To keep Practitioners up to date with the Aura-Soma Colour System the Renewal Process has been created. The Renewal Process will also nurture the development of Practitioner skills and may be seen as a continuing professional development programme.
*Note further training requirements to become a Practitioner are being introduced on a country by country basis. Please contact the Academy for specific details.

The Student Agreement

Before commencing the Practitioner Training the student must complete a Student Registration Form. In many languages this Form includes a Student Agreement section whereby the student agrees to respect the rules and regulations of the Academy as set out in this Agreement. This Registration Form must be completed and returned to the Level 1 Teacher prior to the start of the course.


At the end of each level of the Training the Student will receive a Certificate of Attendance which recognises the Student’s completion of this level of the Training. Once Level 2 has been completed students can apply for a Practising Certificate which enables them to describe themselves as an Aura-Soma Practitioner and Aura-Soma Consultations to the public.

Aura-Soma, The Prism and Rainbow device are registered trademarks of Aura-Soma Products Limited